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Lotta ins, Lotta outs, and a Lotta What-Have-Yous

About The Dude

The Wrestling Dude has abided the wonderful world of professional wrestling for the past twenty plus years. The Dude got his first taste of wrestling watching mostly WCW Monday Nitro with a sprinkling of WWF Monday Night RAW. An avid WCW fan, The Dude was fully behind Goldbeg, DDP, and Booker T as he watched in amazement as these athletes did the impossible.

The Dude would make the jump to WWF in 2000 when WCW began to crumble and hasn’t looked back. Now The Dude is fully¬†engrossed in the WWE product as he watches the war between Raw and Smackdown. The Dude especially enjoys NXT and the talents they showcase on Wednesdays.

This blog post is The Dude’s creative outlet as he gives his opinions, reviews, and what if scenarios. He likes to say that this blog site has a lot of ins, a lot of outs, and a lot of what-have-yous.

You won’t always agree with his opinions and viewpoints…but that is like, your opinion, man.

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