The short answer to the question I posed…is no. There are plenty of people out there that will happily debate me on that point, but it isn’t going to happen. AJ Styles, being a smart business man, tweeted out this article’s featured image. He successfully created a bit of a stir as fans around the world tweeted out their support for this match. Unfortunately, it just isn’t going to happen and I’ll break down the reasons why.

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WWE is advertising an appearance for both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for Monday’s episode of RAW. This is obviously being done to get some excitement going for the Rumble as it approaches. Undertaker is more than likely going to make his motivations clear for the Rumble or Post-Rumble. He will likely announce he will be in the Rumble match or that he will challenge either the winner of the Universal Title match or the WWE Title match at Mania. My money is on him being in the Rumble match. They have 60,000+ seats to fill at the Alamodome and Undertaker, Goldberg, and Lesnar are three mega names that certainly help.

That brings me to the two time Rumble champion himself – Shawn Michaels. A popular conspiracy theory going around is that Undertaker is going to be on RAW to give HBK “his blessing” to compete in a match with Styles. We have a major problem with that theory. John Cena already made it clear he is fighting AJ Styles at the Rumble. Do you really believe that Shawn Michaels’ return match will be a triple threat match? HBK can’t fight for the Universal title either as that match is going to be Reigns Vs. Owens. The only spot for Shawn Michaels is the Rumble match itself. It obviously wouldn’t be the first time a legend made a surprise appearance in that match. Here’s the deal though, HBK isn’t just “another legend.” He is THE legend. He is the only wrestler to actually hold on to his promise to never wrestle again after losing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. Something Ric Flair couldn’t do after HBK “retired” him at Wrestlemania 24. He isn’t going to flush all of that down the toilet for a Rumble match appearance.

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The final point is, he has a new movie coming out soon that he is obviously going to be promoting on RAW Monday. The Resurrection of  Gavin Stone is the next WWE films movie to unfortunately see the light of day. Whenever these things come out, they devote an unnecessary amount of time to promoting these turds on RAW. Shawn Michaels will come out and deliver a promo, but it will be covered in the stench of promoting this trash. WWE is going to tease some sort of confrontation during this promo, but that is it. Reigns will likely stop an antagonizing JeriKO and Jericho will eat sweet chin music as WWE hopes Reigns gets the rub from HBK. Instead fans will cheer for HBK and continue to despise Roman Reigns. Since every single RAW has to open with a segment involving JeriKo and the former Shield brothers (Rollins and Reigns) I expect this segment to happen first.

Those are my thoughts on the heavily rumored HBK return. Let me know in the comment section below what you think or follow me on Twitter @Scared89. I’ll catch you guys next time!